Signature Collection

Cold Brew

There’s cold brew and then there is 3rd Wind Cold Brew! Our secret and signature process yields the smoothest, most flavorful cold brew coffee! Learn how you can get ahold of 3rd Wind Cold Brew!

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  • Freshly Roasted

    Our roasting is where we start to set ourselves apart! Everything is done in-house, fresh, by our roast master. There isn't any fancy software roasting for us, it's our roast master (our ceo's father) roasting by smell and sound only! Truly one of a kind coffee that brings unmatched freshness and flavor!

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  • Perfectly Brewed

    We have spent countless hours upon hours perfecting our signature method of cold brewing coffee to find the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness!

    Cold Brew 
  • More than coffee!

    We strive to be more than just your morning cup of coffee! We want to provide an experience that sets the tone for an amazing day!

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