About Us | Third Wind Coffee Company

Meet the team behind Third Wind Coffee Roasters who is here to ensure that you enjoy every cup of coffee we brew for you!

Coffee on a mission!

3rd Wind Coffee Co. is not just here to provide the best and freshest coffee on the planet (which we do!). We want to change not only the industry as a whole, but the lives of every single person who takes a sip of our coffee or touches our brand in any way!

where Quality & experience merge with efficiency

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  • Quality

    By investing heavily into the foundation of our business we control every aspect of the product and the production! This ensures only the highest quality coffee gets into the hands of our amazing customers!

  • Experience

    No matter what location you frequent, if it has the 3rd Wind Coffee name, you can guarantee an experience you can't get anywhere else. We strive to improve the day of all who touch our business by giving them EXPERIENCES, not just interactions!

  • Efficiency

    Great coffee takes time! But that shouldn't effect the days of our customers! Our mission is to get that amazing coffee into the hands of its rightful owner as efficiently as possible to make sure there is no disruption to their busy day!